Professional Beauty Salons and Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening or dental bleaching is the procedure of whitening the shade of the teeth. Dental bleaching is usually desirable when teeth become pale or yellowed over time as a result of external staining, and is achieved by altering the natural or intrinsic color of the tooth's enamel. The procedure is typically performed for cosmetic purposes in order to make teeth appear whiter and to correct the color that may have been stained from smoking, coffee, tea, red wine or tobacco. While it may be performed on younger people who may not be realizing the damage to teeth caused by these substances, it can also be performed on older individuals who are interested in improving the whiteness of their smile.
In general, while it is considered safe for anyone to perform teeth whitening at home, it is always best to consult a teeth whitening katy tx dentist before attempting such a procedure. Home remedies, while commonly found in nature, can sometimes be dangerous. For example, peroxide used to whiten teeth may react with certain medications, causing a potentially life threatening condition called a burn in which the patient's mouth is actually burned.
In addition to the dangers mentioned above, teeth whitening at home can have its own set of problems. Because there is no professional or expert supervision, many people who whiten teeth at home do not take care to ensure that the procedure is performed properly. Discolored teeth may result from using inferior quality home whitening solutions, causing teeth discoloration. Likewise, teeth whitening at home can result in temporary staining of the teeth, rather than a lasting whitening effect.
People with naturally darker teeth may find that while teeth whitening at home offers a quick solution to their problem, in some cases the discolored teeth may require stronger, more expensive methods. If discolored teeth may be caused by too much fluoride intake, it is recommended to get your teeth examined by a dentist. If the dentist determines that the source of the discolored teeth is fluoride, he or she can recommend a stronger toothpaste or mouth rinse that will help remove the fluoride and restore the teeth to a normal color. Fluoride staining is not reversible, but it is possible to treat a stubborn case of fluoride discoloration by consulting a dentist, or by using stronger toothpastes.
Many dentists prefer the use of bleaching or whitening toothpastes over strips, trays, or brush on applications. Whitening toothpastes contain carbamide peroxide, which is an active ingredient known to help reverse age-related stains. However, carbamide peroxide is more effective if it is applied after cleaning the teeth. It is also important to make sure that the whitening toothpastes do not contain abrasive ingredients, such as calcium thioglycolate. These ingredients may damage the enamel on the teeth if they are used before applying the peroxide. Many dental offices discourage the use of whitening toothpastes because they can produce potentially serious side effects, such as peeling or sensitivity. Well, to learn more about these dental procedures, here is a great post to read.
Dental professionals advise that individuals considering at-home tooth whitening methods should always research the products available and the potential side effects they may cause. A number of over-the-counter home whiteners for teeth are available in stores, but it is best to seek advice from a dental professional when deciding which product is right for you. Some of these products have not undergone clinical testing and there is not consistent evidence regarding their effectiveness. Professional beauty salons may be able to recommend a reliable, professional-grade product that has been thoroughly tested on a large number of patients. Regardless of which product you choose, your dentist is a professional who is equipped to provide expert advice about your oral health. Get to learn more about this topic here:
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